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   Harelbeke (BE), 2012

F.R. Feenstra Orgelrestauratie was founded in 1987 and is based in Grootegast, the Netherlands. As a small craft business we are specialized in the restoration of historic church and chamber organs from England, Scotland and Ireland.

In these countries, thousands of valuable organs were built in the 19th century (more than anywhere else in the world), and the secularization has been in progress for several decades now. Churches have been closed and the organs have been offered for sale in large numbers. Many valuable instruments have already been lost to future generations.

We cared about the fate of these instruments. In recent years, we restored a large number of these organs thoroughly and we gave them a second life in a church or home. We always renewed lost parts in their original style; sometimes even a complete front or case. Later added pneumatics have been replaced by us with mechanical tracker action to the original appropriate style. Where they had been lost, or extension was desirable, we also made bellows, chests and new pipes.

We have also built entirely new instruments: a continuo organ with two, and a house organ with five stops.

The quality of our selected instruments and the thorough restorations carried out by us in collaboration with leading organ consultants, have resulted in a good reputation. We have already placed many instruments in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and even Japan.