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Bishop-organ from Tokyo to Copenhagen

Because of stricter regulations for earthquake hazard, we dismantled  the Bishop organ that we placed in Lalaport mall in Tokyo (Toyosu) in 2006, and shipped it back to Europe. It was purchased by the Musikhochschule in Copenhagen in July 2011 and will be built in an auditorium.

Unfortunately, herewith came an end to a rather unique situation: a shopping center containing an organ that is played several times daily. When we

placed the instrument in 2006, we could not imagine

that it would be for such a short period.

We, therefore, dismantled it with sadness and loaded

it into a number of containers. The planning was

complicated by the recent earthquake of March 11,

2011. It caused some damage to the organ, and our

containers with pipe-boxes and tools, which were

already en route from Rotterdam, were seriously

delayed. Because of the damage and severe dust

contamination, the instrument will be fully checked

in the workshop.

Of course we asked ourselves why in 2006 fully fiat

was given, and why the situation after inspection

was approved. We were told that the regulations

for earthquake hazard has recently been seriously

tightened, in a way that made it impossible to adapt

the organ and organ gallery to the new rules . The

rules concern the risk of collapse and fall down of

(front-) pipes on shoppers. In Japan, these rules are

implemented very rigid, and no exceptions for existing

situations are made. After rejecting the situation by

the authorities, the organ had therefore to be removed as soon as possible.

After mediation by Jacques van Oortmerssen, the instrument could quickly be resold to the Musikhochschule in Copenhagen.

Night work: removing the Great-chest

   Bishop-organ  LaLaport 2006