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F.R. Feenstra Orgelrestauratie at Grootegast, The Netherlands

Specialists in restoring english organs on the continent


Updated on  1-4-2022


Immanuelkerk Groningen (NL) - We restored a 3-manual Bishop organ for the Immanuelkerk in Groningen.

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Aschendorf (DE) - In the Christuskirche in Aschendorf we installed in 2019 a restored organ.

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Restauration en installation in Bremen-Rekum (DE) - The installation of the restored organ in the church of Rekum is complete.

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Holmestrand (NO) - Restoration, extension and placement behind an existing front. Organ built by Charles Nicholson, 1871.

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Rotsund (NO) - We are in the process of restoring an organ for the chapel in Rotsund, Norway (Nordreisa).

Saltstraumen (NO) - We received an order for the restoration and installation of a 3-manual Forster&Andrews organ in Saltstraumen church